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Our Service

Carey delivers distinct Transportation Services designed to meet all of your travel needs



With unparalleled attention to detail and exacting precision, Carey delivers distinct Transportation Services designed to meet all of your travel needs.     


Our services are centrally managed, and locally dispatched to ensure the highest standards of service.  Every reservation is quality checked for accuracy and the following information is verified prior to dispatch:

  • Addresses (verified by zip code)

  • Pick up and drop off times

  • Flight numbers (if applicable)

  • Valid form of payment


Transfers are the fastest, finest option when it comes to door-to-door service, featuring direct transportation between two geographic locations, and are most efficient for trips to and from airports and other transit hubs.  Clients are typically charged at a flat transfer rate in most markets where Carey operates.  In rare cases, client may also be charged at an hourly rate depending upon drive time and geography.

As Directed

(Hourly Charter)

As flexible at it is reliable, Carey’s As-Directed hourly service puts a chauffeur at your disposal for as long as necessary. No destination is required to book this type of reservation, though certain minimum time restrictions may apply.  You provide the pick-up information and select your travel destinations.


As-Directed services are billed at an hourly rate using a "garage-to-garage" calculation, meaning that time is added to the trip to account for the vehicles travel time to a pick up location, and back to its point of origination. “Garage” locations are static points within a service area and are consistently applied throughout Carey’s as-directed billing process.

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